Demo Setup

We would like to show you how a typical MDM setup could look like. This is an existing configuration which will be used in medical environments. Click on the image to have it full size.

Multi Display Manager Generation D Complex Setup with ADIO
Complex clinical MDM setu using MDM generation D with ADIO, KMS and Streaming.

This setup features two independent 8MP QFHD displays in the operating room and two independent 4MP displays in the control room. A 5th display shows a downscaled (FullHD) image of OR 1. Up to 27 video sources are attached to the Multi Display Manager. One input per input board supports a 4K signal. Our new ADIO Converter can be used to convert video signals from many formats into HDMI. ADIO is available with optical isolation and range extending capabilities.

A very new feature, introduced with software version 2.5, is to import a video stream as a signal source and place it as any other source on the screen.

A two user KVM setup for the control room is shown. Both are able to control sources which are connected to the KMS board via USB.

The tablet interface is now fully available. Configuring the sources and the setup of your screen can be done by a tablet using a browser on the fly. This browser interface is useable on a normal PC as well.