Demo Setup

We would like to show you how all our products could be combined. This is an existing configuration which will be used in a medical environment. Click on the image to have it full size.

A complex clinical MDM setup

Complex clinical MDM setup using MDM, KVM, DLS, TT-264 and ADIO options.

This setup features two mirrored 8MP QFHD displays in the operating room and two independent 4MP displays in the control room. Up to 27 video sources are attached to the Multi Display Manager. Our new ADIO Converter and Range Extender BOX can be used to convert video signals from many formats into HDMI. ADIO is available soon with optical isolation and range extending capabilities.

A DLS is used to mirror the 8MP display on a second 8MP. At the downscaler port it is connected to a basic TT-264 converter which is encoding the scaled signal of the 8MP display into a Full HD IP Video stream (H.264).

A two user KVM setup for the control room is shown. The right handed operator workstation is connected to a 4MP TT-264 converter with a control link to the MDM. It is connected in parallel mode. The local system operator is able to work without any limitations. At the moment he hands over to the remote user, by allowing it via an on screen menu, the remote user will take control of the source, the workstation he has selected (single source or overview) and the scaling of the source. If the remote user is allowed to watch and/or interact, is controlled by the operator and/or the default configuration. The remote user is not limited to the internal network. The TT is able to provide streams with low bandwidth consumption to use it via WAN connections.