Control & Configuration

The Multi Display Manager supports multiple ways of configure and control the device.

External Browser Interface

A full featured configuration WebApp is provided by the MDM by its internal LAN Interface. MDM-Config-Browser

OnScreen Interface

The Multi Display Manager is able to show the configuration WebApp as a single window OnScreen. It is usable by connecting a Keyboard and Mouse beneath a display to the MDMMDM-Config-Onscreen

REST Interface

The REST Interface provides OEM partners to fully integrate the configuration of a MDM into their management environment. A well documented and standardized interface language keeping implementation efforts on a very low level.MDM-Config-REST

Touch Panel PC 

The latest development is a network attached Touch PanelPC which is able to switch the layout of a display which is attached to a Multi Display Manager.  It is possible to have multiple Touch Panel PC connected to one MDM.MDM-Config-TouchPC