Release Note Software Version 2.5.3

Release Date8/19/2019
Based on Version2.5.2
Software DownloadDownload

New Features:

  • #2123 Improved the speed of some software parts, so that ‘on-screen menu’ and ‘annotations’ can be used with more displays simultaneously.
  • #2394 In the network settings a ‘DNS’ entry can be entered.
  • #2381 Extended feature: Shrink Curve for region. For more details see ‘Software Manual 2.6’.
  • #2427 After more than 3 consecutive watchdog resets the systems starts a ‘reset to factory’.

Bug Fixes:

  • # 2423 New FPGA version 0x84 / dec.132 for MDI-7 input boards. Now has a factory default and an application partition. On a power failure during a FPGA update the MDM can reboot on the factory partition.
  • # 2426 For MDM model ‘D’ and ’EL’ the root partition has been increased from 2GB to 4GB for all MDM shipping from today.
  • #2424 Fixed a problem with the connection test on output ‘C’.
  • #2425 Fixe a problem with the video quality test on all outputs.

Related Information:

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