Release Note Software Version 2.5.5-5

Release Date12/23/2020
Based on Version2.5.5-4
Software DownloadDownload

New Features:

  • No

Bug Fixes:

  • REST Interface: Chapter: 4.5.14/15 Set/GetChecks;   <scaling inside range> is checked only when the inputs is connected
  • REST Interface : Chapter GetLogical_OutputChannels; reflects mirrored outputs
  • REST interface: Chapter 4.7: SetVirtualChannel; added x,y,z positioning of the window
  • REST Interface: when downloading ’Text’ to a virtual channel, the text is downloaded first and then the channels is enabled.

Known issues:

Related Information:

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Hardware Installation Guide Version2.3Download
Software Manual Version2.10Download
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External Software Interface Specification0.29needs NDA