Release Note Software Version 2.6.0

Release Date09/28/21
Based on Version2.5.5-8
Software DownloadDownload

New Features:

  • Video in streaming for virtual input channels. For details see the latest software manual.
  • Video out streaming for virtual display. For details see the latest software manual.
  • Audio in/out enabled for streams. For details see the latest software manual.
  • Starting from manufacturing date 10/21 we’ll enable the audio in/out in the BIOS settings for selected customers.
  • More than one mirror from one source display enabled.
  • New Linux version ‘Bullseye’ and Python 3
  • The source display of a mirror is shown in the Rest call GetLogicalOutputChannels 

Bug Fixes:

  • New Firmware version 144 for MDI-7 boards.
  • Fixed in issue with remoteMouse function call.
  • Fixed an issue when downgrading to 2.5.x with a new ramroot file system

Known issues:

  • NDI output streams don’t work reliably.

Related Information:

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Hardware Installation Guide Version2.3Download
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External Software Interface Specification0.30needs NDA