Release Note Software Version 2.5.5-1

Release Date05/292020
Based on Version2.5.4
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In this version we tried to improve our code, that grew over the last 11 years.

Cropping, virtual inputs, streaming and resizing were the main focus.

We are using a newer Linux version with all kinds of new drivers including graphics drivers.

There is a new manual available see below.

We enhanced a few REST commands, so we do have a new version of the REST interface specification.

New Features:

  • The number of  sub-screens can now be increased to 4. For details see new manual.
  • We enhanced the REST command ‘LoadLayouts’ to include layouts created on-screen and by the Touch-UI (ActivateProcedure).
  • If the aspect ratio of an input doesn’t fit the layout size, the window can now be centered.

Bug Fixes:

  • We improved the ‘Tester’ to test the REST commands.
  • Updated security features. i.e. we use SSH key for internal login.
  • Added detailed information of a stream.
  • We improved the handling of virtuell channels for streaming, loading images etc.
  • Improved the handling of the network setup.

Known issues:

  • Devices using Safari as a browser (iPhone, iPad) have a problem with double taps in recent updates of the browser. We hope Apple is correcting that.
  • Certain PCs connected to the inputs of the MDM can crash the MDM when they go to standby/sleep mode. Will be fixed in the next version. Short term fix: disable the power save/sleep at the PC.

Related Information:

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