Release Note Software Version 2.5.5-2

Release Date06/26/2020
Based on Version2.5.5-1
Software DownloadDownload

New Features:

  • No

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a browser crash when segment resize was used.
  • Fixed an issue when resizing in the TouchUI was used.
  • Fixed an issue where a power down/screen saver on an MDI input could crash the MDM. We were not able to reproduce this issue, but made a fix from what we saw in the log-files.
  • Fixed a crash after many many REST commands received within a few seconds.
  • Fixed a crash after many REST commands GetScreenshot.
  • Fixed a problem when segments were swap and then not movable again.
  • Fixed a crash when the input window is larger than the display and a Snapshot was triggered.

Known issues:

  • Devices using Safari as a browser (iPhone, iPad) have a problem with double taps in recent updates of the browser. We hope Apple is correcting that.

Related Information:

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